Hrad Ľubovňa castle

Hrad Ľubovňa castle

Stará Ľubovňa
49° 18' 56.8836" N 20° 41' 56.436" E

A partly preserved and restored castle, on a limestone hill (548), over a road and the left bank of Poprad towers over the town of Stará Lubownia and is a characteristic landmark of the Lubovlanska valley. North of the castle, there is the Lubovlanska vrchovina and from the castle one may see the Široký vrch summit (884,5 m n. m.), the Stará Lubownia town in the Chmielnica commune, as well as the Šibeniczna Gora (Gallows Hill), which used to function as an execution spot in the Middle Ages.

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