Evangelical church

49° 4' 30.594" N 20° 11' 6.54" E

The present evangelical church was built in the classical style between 1784 and 1791, at the time of the priest Juraj Eger who consecrated the church. In 1797 a tower was built on the church. The Classicist altar from 1814 was founded by General Ondrej Mariáši who two years later commissioned the construction of pulpit, which was to be memento for his parents. Inside the church there is a stone baptismal font from the 16th-17th century. In 1800, Anna Maria Horvát-Stančičová de Gradec, wife of Franz Mariáši commissioned building the family tomb where the remains of General Ondrej Mariáši were placed. The church has a memorial plaque dedicated to the priest Ondřej Škultét and parish priest Daniel Dianišk. A tower was built to the church in 1960. In the bell tower there is a large bell from 1924 and a little one from 1899, made by Thury János és fia Ferencz from Budapest.


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