Červený kláštor  – Dunajec – rafting

Červený kláštor – Dunajec – rafting

Červený Kláštor
49° 23' 32.6256" N 20° 24' 14.2812" E

Zamagurie is the northernmost part of Spiš. At first glance, a harsh and forbidding region, it may, though, boast its folk architecture, historical monuments and picturesque natural surroundings. The local pearl of architecture is the Červený kláštor, founded in the 14th c., by the  Carthusian monks.  In the 18th century, the monastery was inhabited by the Camaldolese monks, one of them being the legendary Friar Cyprian, botanist and legendary craftsman, said to have fashioned and used a pair of artificial wings. The symbol of the Zamagurie is the Pieniny range, with the majestic Three Crowns massif and summit towering over the area. The steep slopes of the Pieniny are outlined by the borderline river Dunajec, the rapid current of which has sculpted a picturesque canyon over the ages.

Rafting – The Červený kláštor  offers a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction – rafting on wooden rafts in the beautiful surroundings of the Pieniny National Park.


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