Aquacity Poprad

Aquacity Poprad

49° 3' 41.3604" N 20° 18' 36.3996" E

The fitness and spa complex, AquaCity in Poprad employs the geothermal energy of the Poprad well, its temperature being nearly 50 deg. Celsius.

AquaCity Poprad offers pleasurable and sumptuous accommodation in one of the two hotels, designed to hold 160 guests. It is a perfect spot to organize conferences, meetings, gala nights and other corporate events. The complex offers a congress hall for 300 people, with full technical background, a conference room for 90 and a lounge for 30 people.

The complex boasts a 50-metre indoor pool, year-round 28-30 C thermal pools, with various facilities and slides for the guests.

Other attractive facilities include the Blue Diamond and Sapphire indoor spa pools, filled with crystal-clear water, with up to 20 various healthy mineral substances.

A likewise attractive”Vital World” offers a range of various saunas: menthol, steam bath, salt, Finnish, floral etc. Another interesting object is a snow cave, with year-round snow inside. AquaCity also offers active leisure, by means of a modern and well-equipped fitness centre. The entire complex is equipped with a modern system of turnstiles, connected with waterproof chips, which the guests are to wear on their wrists.

Another novelty at the AquaCity is criotherapy, i.e. treatment with very low temperatures, ranging from -100 to -160 °C. The treatment is to stimulate the body’s natural immunity.

A vital part of the stay at AquaCity will be the time spent in its gastronomical facilities, such as the restaurant, fast food bar, café and other bars. Guests will find numerous high-quality services, which will cater to even the most discerning customers. Even foul weather will not be a problem, because of the complex being perfect both for sport and for leisure.

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