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The first mention of Batizovce comes from the mid-13th century when the area was a Celtic settlement. In 1264, the town was founded by comes Batiz (Botiz), son of Mark of Markušovce, to whom the Hungarian King Belo IV gave the Chetene wood. In 1279 Batiz ordered the local officials Gotšalka from Matejovce and Frolingi of Velka to cut down the forest and build a settlement on that land. The townspeople enjoyed the same privileges as the inhabitants of other towns: they could choose the mayor, the parish priest, etc. You could say that Batiz was not the founder of the town, but only the restorer of the old village of Cetina after the fall of Great Moravia. Cetina lay on an important route from Vel’ka to Lučivná. Later, the commune belonged to the Mariášovec family.  It was they who ordered the construction of the 16th century Renaissance castle, and its reconstruction in the 18th century. The Mariášovcy baroque fortress was built in 1756.

Through the commune, between two parallel streets, flows the Batizowski brook. Houses were built along the road, with yards and farm buildings behind them. The inhabitants were farmers, forest workers, coal burners, trout fishers; they produced pottery, painted coffins and wove linen canvases. In 1794 a room was built in which woven linen was bleached. The Batizowskie linen was of very good quality and were prized in the area. Perhaps the worst time in local history were the years 1889-1890, when a wave of fires destroyed 80 outbuildings and 24 houses in two years. When we compare the result with data from 1787, when the town had 109 houses and 869 inhabitants, it appears that the fire affected almost every household. Poverty, which prevailed in the town, forced many to leave their native land and triggered a wave of emigration to America.

During the First Republic of Czechoslovakia local inhabitants laboured in agriculture, and in a brickyard which closed in 1965.  The United Company of Agriculture (KAU) was founded in 1950. In the ‘30s of the 20th century in the nearby Svit town, a Bat’a company factory was built, which became the main source of local employment. In 1956, new research and development facilities of the Brno brickworks were created, specializing in the modernisation of technology, mechanisation of production and control of the properties of new types of construction parts.




Currently, Batizovce may be considered a modern Tatra region commune that still cherishes its traditions in architecture (old barns, so called “khlemayzy”) and folklore which goes back to the distant days of the first inhabitants of this area. These traditions enrich the contemporary social and cultural life of our community (carnival - walking with bogeymen masks, the spinning room, Easter egg rolling, an integral part of the tradition of Batizovce  which consists of decorating Easter eggs, etc.).


The cultural life is organized by the Batizovce Municipal Cultural Centre, which houses a well equipped District Library. The Batizovce school students eagerly participate in cultural events. The school undergoes gradual modernisation and currently functions as a primary school. The school owns a local club. The youngest generation attend the Batizovce Municipal Kindergarten which provides preschool education.  A Special Education Primary School is also a part of the local school complex.


The cultural life is enriched by events such as evening recitation of poetry, prose,  presentation of works by local authors, voice competition, presentations of books of poetry by local writers, the competition for the best currant wine -  Batizovce vintage festival, Majáles - celebrating the entry of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, and of course the Batizovce commune official ball.


There is no shortage of sports events. Children's Day is celebrated with the June Cycloparade – a cycling competition for all age categories. In the summer we organise various football tournaments: World Cup, Children's World Cup, the tournament for the Governor’s Cup. Autumn hiking offers wonderful views of the High Tatras while climbing the Batizovske Pleso. In December, a popular tennis tournament is held, and under favourable snow conditions a cross-country skiing march around the community is organised.

Cultural and social events are held at Community Cultural Centre, a part of which is the modernised Gul’a hotel.



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