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The Batizovce commune lies in the Poprad district, in the Prešov province. The commune is located in the Fatra-Tatra area, specifically in the western part of the Poprad Basin, approximately 11 km northwest of the Poprad city. The Cadastral area borders with the High Tatras - Starý Smokovec, Gerlachov, Svit, and Poprad - Veľka, Štôla, Mengusovce and Lučivná. 

Cadastral area: 1451 ha. Elevation: 750 m above sea level – the centre of the commune, 715 meters above sea level - the lowest point of the cadastral area. The commune lies in the protective band of
the Tatra National Park /TANAP/. The lowest part of the steppe-like area of the commune has a rural nature and provincial infrastructure. The higher-lying region with woods and meadows is characterised by the flora typical of the Tatra mountain areas. Tourists can reach Batizovce by public road, by train to the Svit station and by plane to the Poprad-Tatras Airport a few km away.
The commune has currently 2220 inhabitants.

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